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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  January 26, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm EST

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> we have no known relationship between the victims and our shooters.
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>> we are learning more about the three people killed at the shooting. the big question that remains is, why did it happen? crews are trying to figure it out as columbia mall prepares to open tomorrow. and loved ones remember a teenager killed a short distance away on the school -- from the school she loved to attend. and if you think it is cold now, get ready for a big drop in temperatures. start with that mall shooting. efforts to return to a sense of normalcy after a tragedy at the popular mall. columbia mall will reopen tomorrow afternoon. police say darion aguilar shot two people and then himself. detectives are trying to figure out what connection, if any, aguilar has with the victims. officers served a search warrant at his home. among the items seized, a journal expressing unhappiness
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in his life. tonight, we are hearing from a young man who went to school with aguilar. tom is outside the columbia mall with what that friend had to say. he and another friend we communicated with absolutely could not believe this. columbia mall is set to open tomorrow afternoon at 1:00. tonight, it is still a crime scene. officers are still on scene and they are trying to figure out what the motive was in this shooting. tonight, howard county police say, at this point, they have not been able to establish any relationship between the shooter and the two victims. >> there is still speculation that there is somehow some romantic involvement in this thing. we have not been able to establish that. i am not sure where that information is coming from. >> tonight, we are learning more about the shooter, 19-year-old
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area and i will are. aguilar.r-old darion >> my friend contacted me and said it was darion. my stomach dropped and i felt kind of sick and i did not know what to make of it. >> he was a classmate of aguilar and said aguilar never so much as showed a hand he was capable of this. think he would do something like this. it just was not his personality. , very mildr angry mannered. >> late last night, when authorities searched his home, they did find a journal. journal.was a he does express some general unhappiness with his life. he says he saw aguilar two weeks ago and did not seem any different. >> same person i knew from first grade english, went to school with them 4 years, same person.
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it was shocking to hear. >> although police say they have not found any connection between the shooter and the victims, i can tell you the shooter did live very close to one of the victims. this is where the alleged shooter lived, on the north end of college park. blockstim lived just away, a half mile according to google maps. we also learned that i will uilar's family put out a missing persons report to police. they were interviewing them about the time the shootings happened and during the aftermath. , tom roussey,ia abc 7 news. >> not too far from where you are standing, there will be two memorial sites at the mall tomorrow. one of those will be outside the entrance near the phone. that is near the starbucks and sears.
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i second will be inside the mall at centre court. abc 7 news will continue to follow this case and bring you new information as we get it. update on d.c. councilman marion barry, who has been in the hospital for more than a week. his spokesperson tells abc 7 news that he could be released as soon as tomorrow. the spokesperson has not said why the councilman has been admitted. we are told that he is in good spirits and working from his bed. several tweets have been posted to his account within the last few days, including condolences to the victims of the columbia mall shooting. we are going to turn to weather right now. this deep freeze continues to be a problem for frederick county public schools in virginia. it is operating on a two-hour delay tomorrow and you can see many more problems in the coming days because the temperatures are about to plunge.
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steve rudin is joining us now with the frigid forecast. problems will come early tuesday morning. we are looking at windchill factors inside the beltway about 5-10 degrees below zero. take a look at what is going on outside the weather center. 29 degrees at reagan national airport. manassas is colder because they had a little break in the clouds. the wind will be out of the south-southwest. temperatures will actually begin to rise early monday morning. from then on, a cold front moves through and temperatures will plummet. waking up tomorrow morning, a range of mid-20's to mid-30's. mostly cloudy skies. i will give you the timing on the cold front and what to expect from the next seven days coming up in a few minutes. >> be sure to watch "good morning washington" for any other school delays or closings. it begins at 4:30 in the
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morning. a vigil was held tonight to remember a teenager killed in a crash in gaithersburg and to pray for her friend, who was seriously injured. french and her friend were walking when a car struck them. innch and her friend remains the hospital. jay korff attended the vigil. he joins us now. tonight, a church community rallied around to families struggling with the unthinkable. -- 2 families struggling with the unthinkable. nightds gathered sunday in the church in gaithersburg in song and prayer. confidence,en, with drawing near to the throne of grace. >> they are here in the wake of an unexpected tragedy.
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why.u may askourself >> the drivers of two cars lost control while traveling along the road. one car left the roadway and plowed into a group of students leaving the church and school. emma was seriously injured. teressa, a member of the basketball team, was killed. >> i am really sad. i love her. she was one of those people -- >> the french family prayed for comfort, strength. >> you have spared her and we know you have a purpose for her life. we commit her to you and pray that she will quickly mend. alsoe school principal thank his students after finding out they have been texting each other messages of inspiration and hope during this trying time. >> sharing scripture, loving and caring for one another, i am not surprised. but i could not be more proud.
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>> in a prepared statement, emma's family says she is in stable condition and her injuries are not considered life-threatening. her road to recovery will certainly be a long one. the cause of the crash has not been determined yet. charges have not been filed. live in the newsroom, jay korff. >> thank you. mayorinitiative from d.c. vincent gray is not getting a lot of public support. he wants to help finance a new soccer stadium for d.c. united. the city would invest $150 million in the team and they would spend at least that much to build a new stadium. showswashington post poll nearly 60% of residents oppose
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the idea and believe the city should spend that money elsewhere. speaking of money, gas prices are falling again. one survey shows the price of cents overdown 3.5 the past few weeks. in the district, gas is averaging $3.55. virginia has the cheapest in the region once again. prepares hisma second term agenda in tuesday's state of the union address. coming up, what his advisers say he will do. plus, getting the flu shot. who would actually volunteer?
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. >> a maryland lawmaker wants to make sure that slow driversta s in their lane, the right lane, that is. state delegate patrick hogan is sponsoring a bill called the road rage reduction act of 2014.
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it would order the state highway administration to post signs along allstate roads with more than two lanes in each direction. the signs would say something to the effect of, keep right unless passing. the bill is expected to be addressed during a committee hearing on tuesday. president obama is getting set to deliver his state of the union address on tuesday and some of his top aides appeared on the sunday talk shows to give a preview. they say the president has an ambitious agenda and wants to work with congress, but if they stand in his way, he will try to go around them. president wants to work with congress where he can and to bypass congress where necessary. the president is looking at executive orders that can be enacted without congressional approval. some republicans bristled at the idea, saying it sounds like the president is threatening them. guest fromour
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politico will examine some of the major themes president obama is expected to dress in the state of the union address. biden,e president, joe talked about the violence in iraq today, saying the u.s. stands with iraq in its fight against al qaeda-linked militants. he spoke earlier today with the iraqi prime minister. al qaeda fighters currently hold parts of two major iraqi cities. at least 13 people died today in violent attacks. wrangling,s of legal a brain-dead woman in texas is no longer alive. marlise munoz was removed from life support. she was three months pregnant when she collapsed last november. the hospital said it had a legal duty to keep her fetus alive. days ago, a judge ordered
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the hospital to cut off life support. her baby was not born. u.s. health officials are trying to figure out what cause more than 300 people to get sick on a royal caribbean cruises. leftxplorer of the seas cape liberty on tuesday. it is docked in the u.s. virgin islands. hadokesperson said the ship an extensive and thorough sanitizing during its previous port call to try to prevent more people from getting sick. it sounds hard to believe, but dozens of people are volunteering to get the flu. those volunteers are allowing government scientist to squirt the live virus up their noses. scientists hope to use the research to improve new vaccines. after the volunteers are given the virus, they spend nine days quarantined inside a special isolation ward at a hospital so that they can be closely-monitored. all in tears receive about $3000 for the time. a lot of people with --
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volunteers will receive around $3000 for their time. a lot of people will be getting sick with the temperatures in the next few days. >> we will look at temperatures that are going to dive as we move through the next 24 hours or so. breaks in the clouds have allowed temperatures to cool off quite a bit. 29 degrees at reagan national airport. the windchill factor is not a problem. highs might be up to 35 degrees. our average for today was 34 degrees and the record, 79 degrees back in 1950. nothing like that on the way anytime soon. we have a huge cold front on the way later tomorrow morning and into the afternoon hours. 21 degrees, mainly clear skies at sterling this hour. us to 21 stop takes
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degrees after a high of 29 degrees. were at 18ur, we degrees and now we are at 20 degrees. frederick looking at 27 degrees. the really cold air is off to the north and west of us. wisconsin, a push of milder air. i am talking temperatures in the upper 20's to lower 30's. and then the cold front comes barreling through midmorning tomorrow into the early afternoon hours. wind is going to change direction out of the north and west. temperatures will tumble and tumble quickly. right now, just to the west of us, we also have a windchill advisory for the overnight hours and into tomorrow. nothing like that for us right we, but by tuesday morning,
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could see advisories across our area. .his is the futurecast it shows temperatures slowly rebounding through the early morning hours. 7:00, we could be in the mid 30's according to this model. look at the temperatures as they drop. we are into the teens by 10:00 tomorrow night. the windchill factor will make it feel 10-15 degrees colder than that. waking up tuesday morning, around nine degrees. that is it. here is the forecast as we move through the overnight hours. partly cloudy skies, 18 degrees -30 eight degrees, a wide range of temperatures. falling temperatures tomorrow. by afternoon, we will be in the mid 20's. 17 degrees is the high on tuesday. the good news, the polar vortex that we have had this month will not last very long. we will look for milder air him a upper 30's to around 40 friday and saturday.
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>> a lot of people will not care what the temperatures are like in this area because they will be indoors. >> that is right. the big super bowl teams have a lot of unique positions. hear
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>> and now, the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. hype isuper bowl nothing new, but the circumstances are, because, for the first time ever, the game is being played outside of winter weather. both teams arrived and it was too cold to get off the plane outside so they got off at a hangar, including seattle's richard sherman. pete carroll's team has never been to the super bowl before and peyton manning's has.
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have never seen experience play in a game. we do not worry about things like that. we are fine. us treating every week like a championship game has helped us look at every game the same. every game has a tremendous impact and tremendous importance to us. i do not think anything changes this week. is the guy that does all the tv commercial. i think he is one of the players. you have been hearing from peyton manning every day. even though he has won a super bowl and m.v.p., there is still great excitement for playing in the game. is a big deal. i know how hard it is to get here. i know how much time and sacrifice our team has made to have the opportunity to play in this game. to get on that plane and we were excited getting off that plane. hopefully we will have a good
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game next sunday. the all-stare of games they probably should just cancel. the nfl pro bowl is a week before the super bowl. what is the point? even if you let jerry rice and deion sanders a good team this year -- who are you rooting for? this is the old flea-flicker. jackson, 36 yards, 7-0. with a screen pass up from cam newton. a lot of emotion here. team rice wins. wawrinka.nst that has a straight set win for nadal written all over it. except for he has a bad back. nadal had beaten him
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and every set he had ever played him in. nadal having some back problems and he was really starting to hurt. did not get the massage and gift certificate for christmas. he came back and won the third. here is wawrinka. he thought, i would just beat this guy here. nba only has a handful of regular season games that have great storylines. tonight was one of those stories. a rematch of last year's nba finals. the spurs in the heat, third quarter. lebronosh deflected to and you know the drill. later in the third, lebron in the corner. over the side of the back or. -- backboard. heat by 12.
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the pga tour in san diego, where it is very warm. this to youhowing because it is close, we are showing it to you because it was in the hole. women's college basketball, georgetown loss to st. john's. the game tomorrow night, maryland playing notre dame at college park. this time next week, we will know whether this cold weather thing was a good idea or bad idea. it, but we will reserve judgment for this time next
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>> we are giving away seven pairs of tickets to see billy joel at nationals park in july. book forto your chance to enter and win. starting tomorrow, we will announce one winner every night through february 4. good luck with that. steve
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>> let's go back to those falling temperatures. >> we might have some melting tonight.
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that is good news. then we will see some much colder air, a lot colder, move through tomorrow. the highs will happen during the early morning hours. by your drive home, we will be in the 20's. waking up tuesday morning, single digits. i suspect we will have more school closings this week. us for our coverage of the columbia mall shooting. it continues next in our half-hour.
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>> live from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is abc 7 news washington weekly, on your side. >> why did he do it? that is the question police are trying to answer following yesterday's deadly shooting at columbia mall. offer say darion aguilar killed two people before taking


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